Since 2009, Moncada Energy has begun research and development aimed at designing an algae biomass cultivation system to produce electricity. Cultured organisms, in the laboratories of Moncada, are marine microalgae that are single-celled plants or organisms that grow in sea water directly through the uptake of the dissolved nutrients, sunlight and CO2.

This allows cultivation of plants coastal areas that are not usually suitable for agriculture. Thus the algal cultures aren’t in competition for soil and water resources with the crops destined to food production.

Researchers at Moncada Energy are currently working on four areas of research ranging from the identification and selection of strains with high yield of biomass and high-fat, cultivation techniques on industrial scale-up, to development of methods of collecting and processing of biomass at low cost.

Much attention is also given to the exploitation of waste in the process. In fact, after extraction of oil from the biomass you get a "gap" with a high content of proteins; In addition, microalgae, as well as being a valuable source of protein, also contain minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that are an 'important position in the market for food supplements and over-the-counter products in general, as well as being used even in animal feed.

The Moncada staff will is in collaboration with the University of Florence, the F & M Ltd leader in the design of microalgae cultivation systems, as well as logistical support of the Institute of Marine Biology of the University Consortium of the Province of Trapani that for years has supported and encouraged research in favor of businesses.

Jatropha Curcas

Moncada Energy Group has been conducting research in Mozambique for a few years to find a suitable area devoted to cultivation of Jatropha Curcas.  We a concession of land from the government and have begun analyzing cultivation methods to test production of the plants from seedlings from Africa, Central America and Asia.

Fertilization Tests

Finding sources of water and adoption of local irrigation systems 

Evaluation of the epidemiology, diseases and insect damage known to affect Jatropha

Pruning, breeding and mechanical harvesting testing

Studies to evaluate time needed from initial planting to harvest.  Taking into consideration growing and harvesting techniques and climate, the terrain, and cultivation machinery.

Finally, research on productivity and quality and the statistical significance of the relationship between seed production and farming techniques adopted.

Research activities are also conducted in Italy on Jatropha Curcas by the staff of specialists.  The specialists focus their research on germoplasm of jatropha curcas seeds and the global evolution of production of jatropha curcas seed oil.  They also study the economic impact of the cultivation of jatropha curcas seeds and oil and the impact of jatropha curcas oil production in renewable agro-energy arena.

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